the beginning….again.

Okay, so I have tried to blog before, but it is just so exhausting to keep posting all the time. Plus you have to be interesting and let’s face it, that is a task in itself. However, I just love being able to write little snippets and perhaps my downfall was that I was too long winded in the past. Never fear as I have a new motto this time around.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Wish I knew who originally coined this quote, I think I would have liked them.
So with that being said; this blog has been designed to be a place to rant and rave, bash and praise…..anything my little heart so desires. I am a person who can spider from one topic to another so don’t plan on a theme here. I enjoy crafting, party planning, making all things beautiful, and did I mention I am a perfectionist? I do possess well developed organizational skills, and love to problem solve. I love all things “vintage,” and mixing the old with the new is my favorite style. I find beauty in all styles of design. Oh, I do have a degree in interior design, but I only bestow my talents on family and friends; and only then on those willing victims. I am obsessed with all things Martha Stewart and everything her company produces. Every magazine, book and ipad application is done to perfection with amazing photography and simple layouts. They’re fabulous! I wanna be like Martha, with the exception of experiencing the whole prison scene. Anyway, I get my creativity from my parents and am blessed to have had a childhood full of homemade Halloween costumes, a handcrafted dollhouse [complete with electricity] and numerous adventures to the hardware store. My parents were always amazed at the stuff I could up come with, no matter how completely awful it was. Thanks Mom and Dad for not stifling my creativity. If you had discouraged me I would probably have a house full of mismatched plastic patio furniture, and would think nothing was wrong. UGH!

But I digress. So, before this first post becomes a novel, let me just nip it in the bud right now. I promise to keep blogs short and sweet, and welcome comments on the “stuff” I will be posting for you all to read.

So, life is good for me right now; and since blogging is all the rage, this is the one time I thought I’d jump back on the bandwagon. Let’s see how long the ride lasts!


6 thoughts on “the beginning….again.

  1. Well…Congratulations at your second attempt. I am proud of you giving it another try. You are very lucky to have wonderful parents who let you blossom and grow, and they are lucky to have a daughter who is so appreciative of their efforts. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me. I love, love, love your Motto….so true, so true. All the best to you on this new endeavour. Chris


    1. Thanks for the praise Chris! Yes, I am very blessed to have such wonderful parents. It’s great to be so close to them….literally, I live 8 minutes from them! LOL Anyway, I hope you will follow along as I post things from time to time, and please know that any opinions or comments are always welcome. šŸ™‚


  2. Besides the fact that you actually started this blog, I love that your writing style sounds just like you. I feel as if I’m listening to you jabber on one-on-one. Looking forward to the next post.

    Wishing you great success!


    1. Telling me I write just like I speak is a great compliment….thank you! However, are you saying I really jabber??? LOL I will let you know how you can subscribe to the blog, asap. Looking forward to hearing what you think. šŸ™‚


  3. Wooohoo! Welcome back. As someone who blogs as much as I do.. (not about anything as fun as you do though!).. I am glad you’re back.. now make sure you stay!


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