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No Sew Quick Fix

Ever wear a dress or shirt where the v-neck created by two pieces of overlapping fabric tends to reveal a little more than
you intended? Been there, done that. My husband is always quick to point out that I am being a little too risque! Oh well.

Getting incensed myself at the lack of stability on the garments part, plus the revealing cleavage on my part, I decided I needed
to find a quick fix. Enter FABRI-TAC. I have had a bottle of this stuff in my sewing repertoire for some time now, but NEVER thought to use this to repair these “gaps.” In the old days I would have gotten out the needle and thread and tacked the
flap together to prevent any embarrassing fallout. But now….why bother! Glue it. This is a permanent adhesive that is….

* Fast Grabbing / Quick Drying / Bonds Fabric, Lace, Leather & Trim / and, are you ready for this…WASHABLE! *

It dries friggin’ clear so you won’t see any of this gel and a friend of mine confessed she used it to attach decorative trim to her Pottery Barn draperies. Who knew! It’s available at craft / fabric stores, and even at some hardware stores. Use it to fix a hem in a pinch, keep fabric from moving while you sew a seam, add trim where desired, and of course, keeping your boobs from bursting out of your revealing neckline!

So, this morning when I put on one of my favorite cotton dresses, complete with overlapping v-neck, I looked down and thought… “That’s it!” One minute later the girls were in a more secure “holding pen” and I could go on about my day without
flashing the neighbors. Yippeeee!!!


2 thoughts on “No Sew Quick Fix

  1. Great tip! I’m going to get one bottle today. Not for my girls (lol), well, maybe sometimes – its for hemming J’s pant legs.


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