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Acne…No Accident

Oh the agony of looking in the mirror, leaning in real close, and mumbling to yourself…”What the heck is that?
Yes, that’s right, you have just realized that you are developing a lovely little blemish right in the middle of your left cheek. Great. Your face is ruined! Well, at least for a little while.

So, that was me tonight. Now, once I came to terms with my new “friend” I decided to wash my face; but only to be horrified that it looked as if I was about to start sprouting a whole patch of acne! Seems the concealer had been doing it’s job today. Oh no!, what could be causing this? Could it be the little bit of chocolate I snuck in after dinner? Perhaps it is just everyday stress and the fact that I am behind on the laundry….Nah! Honestly, it really didn’t take much for me to come up with the reason…it’s my make-up brushes. Seems my face is trying to tell me it’s time to wash out the dirt! I know that washing out your makeup brushes is a very important part of your makeup routine, but I can’t remember when I took the time to do what should be a ritual. I do know you should never sleep in your makeup. I haven been told that it adds 10 years to your face! Like I need that. Ah, NO! Every night before bed, okay 99% of the time, I make it a point to thoroughly remove all traces of makeup from my face. But, even with that regiment, it appears that’s not enough to prevent acne. I am too damn old for acne!!! When you reach a certain age, your body should just decide you have been through enough and therefore allow you to be acne-free for the rest of your life. Kinda of like what menopause offers.
I’m not there yet mind you, have a long way to go, but it doesn’t sound all that bad.

Okay, getting back to the make-up brushes. Clean ’em! I just finished giving mine the spa treatment, and with any luck they will be dry and ready for active duty tomorrow morning. Just in case you were wondering how to clean your cosmetic brushes, thought I would share some great instructions I found posted by a make-up artist out of New York, Kim Porter.

Here’s what she says….

“Cleaning your makeup brushes not only helps rid your brushes from bacteria, saving you from breakouts,
but it also helps to ensure proper makeup application. Your brushes will not be contaminated with oils from
your skin, skin cells, and old, oxidized makeup colors from prior makeup application. Cleaning your makeup
brushes regularly will save you money, since by cleaning [them] your brushes will last longer.
Also, using dirty brushes in your makeup contaminates your makeup.”


**Use luke warm water and baby shampoo if you do not have a brush cleaner.***

1. With the tip of your brush pointing downward, hold your brush under the running luke warm water. Be sure to not get
the shaft of the brush wet (this will loosen the glue & your brush will come loose over time, & eventually fall out).
Also, never leave your brushes soaking in water or cleaning solution – this will damage your brushes as well.

2. Apply a small amount of brush cleaner into the palm of your hand & GENTLY swirl the brush around.

3. After a lather has formed (see how much makeup comes out) rinse the brush off under the running, luke warm water
(tip of the brush pointing downward) until the water runs clean. Repeat if necessary.

4. Gently squeeze excess water out (use a towel) & re-shape the brushes.

5. Lay the brushes flat on a clean towel (NEVER STAND THEM UP WHILE WET IT WILL DESTROY THE BRUSHES!) Repeat these steps at least once a week, especially if your brushes are being used on people other than yourself.
Bi-weekly cleaning is recommended for brushes used for personal use.

***Any brush used on a liquid cosmetic (lip gloss, lipstick, concealer, foundation) should be cleaned EVERYDAY***

3 thoughts on “Acne…No Accident

    1. Thank you Kim for posting a comment!!! I feel as though I have been contacted by a celebrity….Woo Hoo! I found your information and instructions to be VERY helpful. I also enjoyed your post entitled “A Few Basics.” Thank you again for taking the time to contact me!


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