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Marché Baskets

Marché Baskets

Love these! The memories of my Grandparents farm came flooding back to me when I saw these wire baskets. They are so perfect and I can never decide if I like the look of a country kitchen or a modern one, but today it’s country. These so look like something my Great Aunt Emma would have had in her Country General Store in the little town of Orum, Nebraska.
I wonder if Harriet Oleson had any of these in her store.

Available at The Container Store these unique hand-crafted wire baskets are reminiscent of an era when everything was handcrafted. Each basket is one of a kind and handmade from durable, cold-rolled steel making them very durable but
giving them a soft appearance.

Funny how the old is now the new, and what some would consider junk is now someones ultimate treasure.
Well, however you see it, nothing says “home” to me like a little bit of vintage.


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