Diapers…Not just for Poop

April Baby Shower 2011

It was brought to my attention some time ago, that you could make a “cake” out of diapers. What a concept! No fat, no calories and best of all…no baking. The very first one I ever created made it’s debut at a baby shower (no surprise there) for a dear friend of mine. It was a hit, and I was hooked! Oh, I had so much fun, and was just positive another one was in my future. All I needed was someone I knew to get knocked up. Well, that was easier said than done because NO ONE was getting pregnant! Bummer.

Fast forward almost several years when I FINALLY got another chance at working with such an “absorbent” medium. HA! Okay, bad attempt at humor, but don’t “poo-poo” me just yet. Anyway, my best friend had a baby shower to attend and wanted to bring a unique gift. Say no more. Viola! What you see pictured above was her gift. The practical side of giving diapers needs little explanation, but it’s no fun to give expectant parents a pack of diapers with a bow on top. A sweet, adorable diaper cake eliminates this problem, because let’s face it, the truth of the matter is that there is nothing new parents are going to use more and need more of than diapers!

As you can see, I am not much for going the traditional route of stuffing a lot of baby paraphernalia onto these creations. I haven’t disguised the many layers of diapers with a cleverly folded receiving blanket, or used a bunch of colored Easter basket grass atop each layer to hide them either. It is what it is…..diapers! Staying true to my own style, I make them simple and elegant. To me, the more it resembles an actual cake, the better. Why you ask? Well, the second biggest attraction at any wedding, with the bride being the first, is always the wedding cake. This, just like the traditional wedding cake, serves two purposes. First, it’s a darling centerpiece and second, it’s just plain useful. I love the idea of giving a gift that has a dual purpose and isn’t going to be donated to Goodwill once the party is over.

Nope, no baby shower is complete without a diaper cake. I am just convinced every shower needs one. It is a guarantee that you will be leaving that shower knowing your gift will be put to good use. But, just remember, even though you showed up with what you might consider a masterpiece, you did give the ultimate disposable gift.

One thought on “Diapers…Not just for Poop

  1. Agreed. I LOVE diaper cakes. I plan on making a few of them as friends of mine get preggo here and there, so I may come to you for advice someday because yours look great. A really good friend of mine’s sister owns a diaper cake business online, and she makes some cute ones too:) Oh, and I expect one in 10 years from you, when I decide to have another baby (if, and when)! 🙂


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