I am an Auto-CAD drafter, haven been one for years, so I am on the computer several hours a day. Over time I have developed problems with my neck, upper back, forearm and wrist. I have always feared I would start showing symptoms of Carpal Tunnel but have been fortunate, thus far, to not have gone down that painful path. While rummaging through a bunch of articles I have clipped from exercise magazine over the years, I came across this particular one geared towards keeping your wrists in shape. These few strengthening and stretching exercises are so simple! I am sharing this with all of you because an ounce of prevention could save anyone a lot of suffering in the long run. The article recommended working these simple exercises into your daily routine two to three days a week. Why not, what do you have to loose? Did you know the average person nowadays spends more time on the computer than watching television? It’s really not surprising. I myself have fallen victim to my own CPU, and have a hard time just getting up and walking away. I know I am not alone out there, so for those of you looking for something to help prevent wrist stiffness and the pain that can come from heavy-duty mouse and keyboard use, give these exercises a try.

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