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Filter Your Plants

When re-potting, prevent soil from draining out of flower pots by placing a filter at the bottom,
over the drainage hole. Then add the soil.

2 thoughts on “Filter Your Plants

  1. Peggy, I was so excited when I saw the topic of this post. I received the most beautiful Lilly plant just three weeks ago and I am killing it! I was hoping you were going to give me some awesome fix. Maybe you can help anyway… I have not kept it in direct sunlight (as the instructions stated), and have been testing the soil before I water it. I do think I may have over watered it last week because the soil is still pretty damp. Anyway, the leaves are all turning yellow and I don’t want to kill it. Help! How do I keep from killing it and keeping it alive and beautiful like the first day I received it??????


    1. Trudi, it sounds to me like the little guy is drowning. When leaves turn yellow it is either getting too much water or too little. My advice is to let it dry out a few more days and then re-check the soil. If it is dry to the touch, try placing some ice cubs on top of the soil. This will make for a slow watering process and you won’t be dowsing it all at once. When you think you can get it back on a regular watering schedule, make sure you keep track on a calendar what days you did hydrate it. Oh, and try giving it the exact same amount of water each time; i.e. 1/2 cup or 1 cup. Good Luck!


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