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When my sister-in-law got married, I happily volunteered to assemble her 4 piece invitation. What was I thinking right? Well, it was under 100 invites and I wanted to participate. I remember the day the box arrived, and I remember opening it, revealing a beautiful cream flat card with thermographed burgundy text, a lovely flocked backer card, also in burgundy, and a little baggie of wrinkled ribbon. I can’t say what the first thought was that went through my mind, but it wasn’t “Oh, goodie”. My sister-in-law called me later that day to make sure I had indeed received this precious package, and to make sure I was up to the task. I assured her I was, and that she needn’t worry as everything was in capable hands. I then sat down the following day and began the assembly line. Flat card gets inserted through the backer card, response card and envelope [complete with photo] are neatly tucked under the band and then you tie it all together with a darling little organza ribbon. Yeah right. I had already dug out the full-size ironing board and was ironing each ribbon as I went along. Not the most efficient method I know, but it was working….slowly. After completing 5 invitations, cursing my ability to tie a bow, and not enjoying the aerobic up-down motion as I made the pilgrimage from my desk chair to the ironing board, I knew I had to find an easier way. This ribbon thing was really slowing me down, and I still had to address all the invitations! Well, one trip to the craft store later, enter the Pebbles Ribbon Iron. TA-DA! What a lifesaver. Portable, easy to use, and best of all, it flattened out that wrinkled ribbon while I stayed put at my desk. This little guy had become my new best friend. Needless to say the pace picked up after that and I was done in a couple of hours. It was tying the damn ribbon that really put the kink in this chain of events, but for those of you who know me, I cannot half-ass anything. It all had to be done to perfection. I highly recommend picking up one of these ribbon irons, as it has come in handy on several occasions during my many craft projects.
Oh, and did I mention it’s cute too!

In the end it was all a labor or love. Everything came together beautifully and I was so happy to send these completed invites back to her. That was the day I really rejoiced. So again, what was I thinking??? I was thinking she needed help and I wanted to help her. At the time we lived in different states and this was the only thing I could do to take some of the stress from her. Well, not to mention I love a good project. I will say though that this whole “Assembly is required.” will make me think twice the next time I do any invitations with ribbon. Oh, just in case you were wondering what the finished product looked like, that’s it posted below.

3 thoughts on “Iron It Out

  1. LOL. You’re the best Peggy! It’s funny, that three years later, I find out what a pain in the neck they were!:) Just kidding. I totally remember the ribbon being very annoying. But, you did an awesome job, and they came out PERFECT! I couldn’t have asked for anything better, and you were the right girl for the job. I couldn’t imagine what they would have looked like, if I had tackled it myself. You definitely helped out with more then just the invites for my wedding, and your the best! Love you! 🙂


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