Tips and Tricks

Keep it Green

Did you know that the secret to keeping the other half of a cut ripe avocado green is in the preserving method? Well, according to Food Networks Alton Brown it is. Follow the steps below, courtesy of Natural, and keep from having to throw away that unused half of such a heart healthy fruit.

1. Slice the skin lengthwise using a sharp knife all the way around cutting through the fresh avocado until you
hit the pit. You should end up with the fresh fruit being cut in two halves but still attached.

2. Hold the two sides in your hands and gently twist to separate the two halves. One portion will be removed
from the pit and the other will still retain the pit.

3. Use the half of the ripe avocado that has been released from the pit. Drizzle fresh lemon juice over the
remaining portion leaving the pit in the fruit. This is the secret to keeping the avocado fresh and
preventing it from turning grayish-brown after cutting.

4. Slide the unused half into a plastic baggie and press out the air, sealing the baggie.

5. Store the cut ripe avocado half with pit intact in the fridge. The cold will discourage additional ripening,
and it should stay fresh for about two days if stored this way.

6. When ready to use, remove the pit by sticking it with the blade of a sharp knife and gently twisting.

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