Wrap It Up

Who wouldn’t want cupcakes that look like these yummy little morsels? The latest edition of SOUTHERN LADY magazine contains this scrumptious Key Lime Cupcake recipe along with a template for you to make your own adorable cupcake wrappers.

Instructions say to print and cutout design, then trace onto your desired choice of scrapbook paper. Use decorative scissors to cut out the the top edge of the wrapper and fasten them together with a piece of double-sided tape or Glue Dots.
Too cute, and best of all soooo simple!

Visit to download the template and start making your cupcakes look like something from a magazine.

One thought on “Wrap It Up

  1. If you are a cupcake baker (like I am)…this is a FANTASTIC suggestion. I could have used it recently as I baked cupcakes for my children’s birthday party. At 8pm the night before, I pulled them out of the oven only to discover that my “designer” cupcake wrappers were low quality and the chocolate cake bled through the design, causing the to look oh-so-amateur. In the time it took me to travel to 6 different stores at 8pm to look for higher quality wrappers, go home & re-bake my cupcakes… I could have shot over to the local craft store, purchased some craft paper, gone home, and been back to a designer-baker in no time. Thank You!


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