Interior Style

Sarah Richardson

Toronto based designer Sarah Richardson is a must see for those of you who are hooked on HGTV. Her enthusiasm
and passion for design is revealed in every episode of any of her 4 television series. I enjoy the way she interacts
with her team [love the banter between her and Tommy] and find that I am just as excited about the end results
as the clients she designs for. If you get a chance to catch one of her shows, don’t pass it up. I think you’ll agree
that any room she designs is nothing short of fabulous.

Oh, and Sarah, if you ever happen to read this…when are you coming to my house???

One thought on “Sarah Richardson

  1. I LOVE Sarah Richardson…her shows are very entertaining, and I love her work! I agree about the banter between her and Tommy, too. Did I ever tell you that interior design is a passion of mine-not that it shows a whole lot in my house, but it is. I watch a lot of HGTV, too.


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