Random Rants

Too Hot for Comfort

Oh, it’s August, and I am counting the days until the weatherman stops predicting three digit temperatures. I HATE the heat! Never could stand to be hot. You can always put more layers on if you are cold, but once you’re naked, that’s as cool as it gets. So short of laying naked on the floor under the ceiling fan, I’m surviving the summer.
When I complain of this unbearable heat to my Mother her response is always… “You have too many layers on.”
A few days ago I asked her to stop by my house when it was 112 outside. Amazingly enough she did come over, but she showed up wearing her bathing suit underneath an obnoxious bright yellow coverup. I had to laugh because the swimsuit is her answer to staying cool. My answer is to turn the A/C down and be grateful I am on a level payment plan. I think I am about one step shy of putting my panties in the freezer! When my husband and I moved back to the southwest, I knew what I was in for, having lived here eight years ago; but it’s like child birth I suppose where you know it hurt, but your mind won’t let you remember the actual agony. I should be grateful for my memory loss, otherwise I would have had to have been dragged back here kicking and screaming. It’s all good though, so they say, September is just around the corner and the 90’s are going to bring much needed relief to this feeling of experiencing purgatory…above ground.

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