Our House

One Finish, Two Finish, Three Finish…

Perhaps you have caught the few references, in some of my previous posts, about the new house we will soon be moving into.
My excitement is mounting as the process gains speed and things are starting to take shape. A few months ago, before ground
was even broken, my husband and I visited the builder’s design center to select the interior finishes. I dreaded butting heads
with him when it came to this process, but surprisingly we were on the same page, and it went quite smoothly. What you see
pictured above is a compilation of our selections from flooring and counter tops, to tile and cabinetry. We are locked into these
finishes now, and the more I look at the them, the more confident I am becoming that we did well. I’ve always known that it’s
much easier to pick finishes when it’s someone else’s home, going through this whole process confirmed that, and I can’t tell
you how many times I questioned if everything is going to mesh once the house is finished. It’s a bit nerve racking, making “permanent” choices, and my mind wouldn’t stop with the what-ifs. Well times up, and now it’s all a game of wait and see.

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