Random Rants

Where Does the Time Go?

I swear I can fritter-away an entire day on Pinterest!!!!!
It’s like telling yourself you are only going to ONE store in the mall, and before
you know it you’ve hit every anchor store and every other shop in between.

In case you don’t know what I am referring to, PINTEREST is a fantastic online tool that allows you
to create and post virtual pin boards of all of your inspiration pictures. Not only does this site allow you to get
yourself organized, it is also an endless resource of additional inspiration boards posted by complete strangers!
You won’t believe the amazing things you can find, i.e. crafts, room decor, recipes, wedding ideas, apparel,
products, DIY projects….the list is endless. So, it’s no wonder I can lose an hour of the day in 15 minutes.

So, where does the time go??? It goes bye-bye the minute I decide I haven’t had my daily fix of Pinterest.
The site is addicting, and while I encourage you to check it out, remember, enter at your own risk!

One thought on “Where Does the Time Go?

  1. Peg, like I wrote earlier to u, I just found Pinterest today (9/27). This is my “internet love interest” for now. So many cool ideas. I like the 13 clothing items and turning them into numerous combos. So neat!!!


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