The Pumpkins Are Coming

I love these vintage seed packets. They remind me of my days as a child, and spending time at my grandparents farm, where there was a pumpkin patch filled with these bright orange orbs every year. I love pumpkins. There is something about their thick waxy skin, their fantastic color, and all the different shapes and sizes they come in that makes me feel, happy.

Six years ago my husband and I bought our first home. It was a two story craftsman style sporting wide plank siding, painted in my choice of a pretty gray-green, with bright white trim, a black front door, matching black shutters, and it had my all-time favorite feature, a front porch. For years I had fantasied the idea of having a porch I could decorate for the holidays. I had oohed and awed over every magazine picture featuring a home whose porch was bedecked with wreaths and pine garland at Christmas time, red and white bunting on the Fourth of July, and baskets of flowers for spring; but my all time favorites were of course, the ones that were decorated for Halloween. There was something so magical in the way those simple outdoor spaces could be transformed into a wonderland of feelings that made you want to go beyond the front door and take a look inside. I can’t begin to tell you how many pictures I have snipped from Better Homes and Garden and Martha Stewart Living that depicted exactly what I wanted to create at my home, but that idea file is a thick one. Once I had this coveted front porch, my first fall decoration of choice was, [now act surprised] the pumpkin. Every year I would drag hubby to one of the local pumpkin farms, make him lug a wheel barrel into the north forty, and would then spend at least an hour tromping through the field looking for the perfect pumpkins to enhance our front porch. There was always some grumbling, on his part, about how he wouldn’t go that year and that I would have to do this myself. But every year, there he was, following along behind me with a wheel barrel filled with potential decor.

You know how you think about the past and you tend to romanticize what you had? Well, that isn’t something I have to do when it comes to the past few Halloweens. Each year I decorated my front porch with hay bales, orange lights, a witch’s cauldron looking as if it was about to bubble over, a black cat, a lonely old owl, candles and lanterns, cotton spider webs, homemade bats hanging from the ceiling and of course, my beloved pumpkins. What can I say except… “They make me happy!”


2 thoughts on “The Pumpkins Are Coming

  1. I love pumpkins too! It’s a sign that fall has finally arrived and cooler days are just around the corner … and of course, those wonderful pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting at Einsteins!


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