DIY Eyeballs

Halloween 2000

Creepy ice cubes that appear to contain eyeballs that will horrify guests, or your family, are worth the effort.
Ideal for a macabre martini on the rocks, a ghastly glass of flavored seltzer or make an ordinary glass of water
something to scream about. Drink up!



14 medium radishes
Look for radishes that are fairly uniform in size,
and small enough to fit nicely into your ice-cube tray.

7 pimiento-stuffed olives, halved crosswise

paring knife

small melon baller

ice-cube tray


Trim stem and root ends of radish.

Use a paring knife to scrape red skin from radish, leaving just enough to give the radish a veined appearance.

Rinse the radish off, and with a small melon baller, cut a hole in radish about 1/2 inch in diameter.

Fit an olive half, cut-side facing out, into hole. Place radish in ice-cube tray.

Repeat this process with remaining radishes until the tray is full. Pour water over the eyeballs, filling tray; freeze.

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