Velvet Pumpkins

A decorators dream! Just like real pumpkins, but these beautiful velvet versions won’t rot and leave a
puddle of goo behind. Messy! All of these soft creations have a real pumpkin, gourd or squash stem,
are made by hand in St. Paul Minnesota, and are embossed with the PP [Plush Pumpkin] logo on their
little bottoms. Too Cute!

It is stated on their site that “every stem has a story“, very clever. Seems these stems are hand
harvested from local farms and are then carefully selected to fit each pumpkin with perfect proportion.
Each one has their own unique look by the nature of their stems, and they are all fabulous!

I am so excited to pass along this little bit of information to all my gal pals in Snohomish.
If you are wanting to get a look at these beauties in person, Molbak’s has them. Woo Hoo!

One thought on “Velvet Pumpkins

  1. Yep…These sure are purdy!!! I love the idea and the velvet is so rich looking and of course the stems make it that much more inviting. I’m gonna get me some of dem….


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