Ding Dong…The Witch is Dead

While living in Washington I adored the town of Snohomish with all it’s charm. I visited one shop so many times
that they knew me by name….yes, I was obsessed! Well, one crisp October morning, in 2008, I went into town
for an appointment, but on a whim I decided to drive down main street to see all the Halloween decor on display
in the store fronts. As I cruised down the street, this display of Halloween humor caught my eye and caused a
burst of hearty laughter to come spilling out of me. Since I didn’t have my camera with me right then, and was in
a hurry to be on time, I came back the next day and snapped this picture. It just looks as if the poor old gal had
one too many, mounted her broom and never knew what hit her. Just one more reason to realize that no matter
your mode of transportation…DON’T DRINK and FLY. Let what happened to Hazel be a lesson for us all! LOL

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