Masked Pumpkins

Trick out your jack-o’-lanterns in these bewitching handmade masks.

This is my favorite way to decorate a pumpkin when you are in a hurry. The past couple of years I used this
idea because I just ran out of time. However, I did my own spin on them. Instead of using black felt I used
the craft foam sheets, called Foamies, and attached them to the pumpkins using small nails and poking them
through the masks and directly into the pumpkins.

Posted below are the original instructions from GOOD HOUSE KEEPING.

To craft, print out one of our three mask designs, enlarge it to fit your pumpkin, and cut it out.
Trace twice onto black felt. Cut out both felt masks and sew together with a basting stitch. Glue to
a simple store-bought mask, and replace the elastic string with a black ribbon. Tie mask onto pumpkin.

MASK Pattern #1 / MASK Pattern #2 / MASK Pattern #3

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