Happy Halloween

Thank you to all who followed along on my 31 Days of Halloween blog post journey. This was no small task, and I can honestly say that posting something everyday for an entire month is more difficult than I thought it sounded. Oh, and FYI, I won’t be that ambitious again in the future. I think I learned my lesson. Thank you, to those of you, who took the time to comment. I hope that some of these ideas inspired you this Halloween. Sadly, this is the first year, in five years, that I will not be putting up any of my Halloween decor. Now, don’t feel too bad for me. It’s just that in less than two months we will be moving into our brand new house, and I am just not willing to unpack anything that I will have to pack up again. I think I will be skipping Christmas this year too! So, since I have deprived myself of my favorite indulgence this Trick-or-Treat season, I have used my blog as a creative outlet. I truly have enjoyed designing many of the layouts to the posts, but the best part about being digitally creative is that there is no cleanup! Suffice it to say though, missing out on all this holiday decorating will most likely light a fire under me something fierce for the next year’s holiday season. If my family thought I went over and above the past few years, I have a feeling “they ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

So, to all of you looking forward to receiving the annual Trick-or-Treaters this year…

“May the pumpkins you carved fill you with delight, may your treat bowl be filled with goodies tonight, and may all that come calling in costumes of fright, bring to you happiness this Hallow’s Eve night.”

Wishing you all a frightfully good Halloween!

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I really looked forward to each days post. You shared some wonderful ideas and stories. Thanks for all your efforts. You inspired me to decorate for Halloween, when in the past I have done nothing at all.


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