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Check It Out

Have you ever loaned a book to someone and forgotten to write down when you did this and to whom you loaned it to?
Here is an easy system from BHG that makes keeping tabs on your books a little easier. Purchase printable envelopes
and book check-out cards at a school supply store, or online from TeachingSupplyStore. Print “from the library of” on
each envelope. Insert a check-out card into each envelope and a fix inside your book using double stick tape. Now, if
you took the time to do all of this don’t forget to actually fill out the card when someone borrows it.

Here is my own spin on this idea. I don’t loan out many books, but I do tend to re-read them after a good amount of
time has passed and I can’t remember what happened, or the ending. When this miracle has occurred then I know I
can read it again…Yeah! I think it would be fun to fill these cards out each time you decide to re-read one of your
books. How interesting would it be to grab a book off the shelf in a few years, pull out the card, and see that you have
read it in 2011 and 2013? Oh, and you can read it again because thanks to your brain not being able to retain the info
the last two times it will all be new again! Woo Hoo!

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