Tips and Tricks

Happy Thanksgiving

I cannot believe how fast Thanksgiving got here! It just seems to have snuck up on us don’t you think?
Well, as the picture says, “There is always something to be thankful for.” Yes, there is. I am thankful
this year for not having to cook a large meal that takes hours to prepare and will then be devoured in 10
mins. flat. I am thankful for getting to spend Thanksgiving with my family, and for getting to see friends
visiting from out of town. Oh, and I am so thankful that we will be moving into our new home during cool
weather. I can’t tell you what a relief that is b/c, as you know, I HATE the heat. I am thankful that I have
15 followers on my blog…Woo Hoo! Thank you to all of you who follow along while I post, willy nilly,
and very randomly! I realize since the whole month of posts during October that I have not been very
entertaining lately, but I got just a wee bit burned out….sorry. I am getting more inspired now, and speaking
of inspired, I thought I would share these tips for any of you having a buffet-style Thanksgiving this year.
I put these together using tips from Martha Stewart and BHG. I hope they help to keep you organized and
looking like you’re not as frazzled as you probably really are. Wishing you a fabulous Thanksgiving…. may
nothing you eat show up on your thighs! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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