Holiday Letter

Oh the dreaded annual family holiday letter that accompanies so many Christmas cards. These letters have really
gotten a bad rap over the years, but that hasn’t stopped them from coming. To some they are a secret delight, to
others, an additional trip to the recycle bin. With technology having taken over our lives, where e-mail and text
messaging dominate, these annual letters are a somewhat old-fashioned way to stay in touch with everyone.
Personally, I think the holidays are the perfect time to be a little old-fashioned and why not let these be the perfect
outlet for the inner writer to come out in all of us. Since so much happens in a year, good and bad, you must have just
the right balance so as not to sound like you are living the perfect life, but that you also haven’t become so down and
out that you’re looking for the nearest bridge. To me, the best letters are the ones that have a good amount of humor
in them and are short, but sweet. It is nice to hear what is happening in the lives of those you aren’t in 24-7, but we
don’t need to know everything! So, since there are no official rules to composing the perfect holiday letter, here are a
few suggestions from Better Homes & Gardens that could help make your tidings stand out from all the rest.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS ~ December 2008


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