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Get Your Bake On

It’s that time of year when you tie on that special red white and green apron reserved only for the holidays, pop
in the Ella Fitzgerald Christmas CD and “get your bake on!” Well, that’s how it is at my house anyway. Since I am
not much of a baker during the off-season, I seem to always need to make sure both my baking power and soda
are still potentate enough to keep those Christmas goodies from going flat. Both baking powder and baking soda
don’t have a high turnover and can sit on your shelf for a very long time, thus losing their potency. No Matter how
much baking you do it does take awhile for these two ingredients to get used up, and once they have expired
they can be the cause of flat cakes, dense cookies and baked goods that simply don’t rise as much as they should.
Here’s a simple test from Baking Bites to preform on these necessary ingredients to determine if they are still
good enough to bake with. If you have already bought new powder and soda go ahead and do the test anyway,
this way you’ll know what to look for in the future when those new boxes have now become the old ones.


2 thoughts on “Get Your Bake On

  1. This is great stuff to share…we all need to be reminded to replace our soda and powder. My dear you are full of lots of good information. I want to order the cookies pictured. Can you make me a dozen of each kind. I know first hand that you are a good baker…..


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