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Happy Anniversary

Today is my parents 45th wedding anniversary.
They met during the month of December in 1966, and at the roller skating rink of all places. Those were
the days of good clean fun! Dad was in the Air Force, and Mom was in nurses training and both of them
wound up in the same small Midwest town, at the same time. It was fate. Mom tells the story that her
and a few gals needed to get out of the dorm. “We were bored!,” she said. I don’t think I ever
asked Dad how he and a few of his Air Forces buddies came to be at the skating rink, but a guy is a guy,
and they go where the girls are. The story goes that Dad was a fabulous skater and Mom, well, she was
lucky she could even stand up! Thankfully, Dad took that dare to ask her to skate, and the rest is history.

I have always found their wedding album to be very special. Hard to believe your parents were ever just
a couple of kids, just starting out, but they were. I have perused through their album countless times
during my childhood, and I am still flipping though those pages as an adult. The photos are just lovely to me,
and I thought it would be fun to share a few of those images from their special day.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad….I Love you!


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