Holiday Mail

It’s over!!! I have finished the 70 + Christmas cards for this holiday season and have mailed them all!
We have slowly been getting cards and I have felt such guilt every time another one would arrive and I
knew I still hadn’t sent mine out. Now that all the cards are in the mail, when I walk to our mailbox I
will no longer feel like I am behind schedule. Ahh, a weight has been lifted!


4 thoughts on “Holiday Mail

  1. I’m feeling guilty now. I took cards to school and to garden club. The only ones I mailed were to my son, dad, sister and brother. I loved your card! I have gotten a few cards this year but not many. Sending cards was something I let go of years ago, but I’m feeling a few twinges right now. I’ll look forward to photos of your new house. I looked up the address on google maps and there was nothing there! Then I noticed the images were taken in 2008-LOL! I just talked to a friend of mine who lives in Prosser but has a home in Scottsdale, too. She’s been bugging me to visit in AZ when they are there, and I’m thinking about it. I’d love to get together when I do make it down there.

    I was thinking about your adorable Christmas party recently; thanks so much for including me! I’m having difficulty getting “in the mood” this year-unusual for a Christmas junkie ;)…but it happens sometimes. I’ve been sick with a cold and bronchitis, too, so I’m really behind. Jared says hi to both of you, too. Do you still have the same email address? This is starting to go beyond the “comment” category. Love your blog!


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