Santa Drives a Buick

It’s Christmas Eve and normally we would be at my parent’s house stuffing ourselves silly and diving into a sea
of presents after dinner, but yesterday my poor Mother came down with what both Ron and I contracted almost

four weeks ago. So, Christmas was cancelled. Okay, okay so we just postponed it, but using the word postponed

isn’t as dramatic as cancelled. Anyway, being on our own this Christmas Eve we decided that dinner and a movie

sounded like the way spend the evening. Dinner was at the White Chocolate Grill [YUM] and the movie of choice

was, of course, the new Muppet movie. Now, here we are in the car again driving home, Ron was conscious the

entire trip this time, and while stopped at a light we see the most curious thing. The car in front of us to the right,

has a personalized plate with letters that spell out SANTAS. I’m thinking it’s someone last name, but my husband

notices the small bumper sticker on the lower left portion of the bumper stating that “This car is a sleigh.” Then Ron

says, “You know, he kinda does look a little like Santa.” I can’t see the driver, but from his angle he has a better

view of the car’s interior. My first thought runs to, “Huh? Really?” Big surprise there, right? Well, the light turns

green and we are able to pass the car only to have our eyes widen in amazement at the fact that it really was Santa!

Driving this beige Buick was a man with hair and a beard as white as snow, little round glasses perched on his nose,

and he was dressed in a full Santa suite! Needless to say the two of us were bouncing around the car like a couple

of kids, but what are the chances of seeing that car with a personalized plate that specific AND with Santa at the

wheel on Christmas Eve night? Go ahead, tell me the odds. Well, let me just say that Santa was here tonight, making
his rounds, and I’m telling you………he was driving a Buick!


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