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The Last Move….

Well, I hope this is the last move. I have jokingly referred to this one as the last new home before we go to “The Home.”
In 2003 we made our first move, as a married couple, to Seattle, Washington. Loved Seattle. Loved all the green year round, the
change of seasons, the little bit of snow we got most years, and I didn’t mind the rain. We moved up to the little town of Snohomish,
after about a year, and bought our very first house. We sold that house six years later and moved back down south to rent a lovely
town home while we looked for our permanent home. One year and two months post the move down from Washington, we packed it all up again and I swear, this is the LAST time I move all my stuff! My neighbor, you know who you are, told me I was a borderline hoarder. Now, while that comment stung a little, I must say that moving all this “stuff” [twice] has got me thinking she wasn’t far from the truth. This last house though is big enough to hold everything I have and is allowing me to put out many of the items that I have been “storing.” So, for the past few weeks I have been buried in a sea of boxes and have been slowing digging my way out. You know, moving state to state is easy, it’s the move “across the street” that will kill you! I can’t tell you how many trips my husband made on a daily basis to make sure everything got to the new house. He did pay me a nice compliment though by saying that when I started to put it all together, that was when the place was really going to look nice. That gave me a nice little warm fuzzy. Can’t say that some of the other things he said were so nice during the move though. Oh well.

4 thoughts on “The Last Move….

  1. Hi Peg,
    I can’t wait for you to put up pics of your new place – like what your did with the place in Snohomish. I know you are busy, but when you are finished moving/sorting/decor-ing, get the photos up. Miss ya and many congrates.


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