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Be Mine

There are a select few Valentine’s Day events that I can recall; but there is one that really stands out for me and it happened almost fourteen years ago. I was dating my future husband at the time, and it was actually the night before Valentine’s Day, when this special moment occurred. The two of us had been out on a date that night and the time had come for him to walk me to my door. Before he leaned in to kiss me goodnight he said…“Well, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I guess I should ask you.” “Ask me what?”, I said. “Will you be my Valentine?” My heart just skipped a beat. No one had ever asked me to be their Valentine. I don’t know if he ever really knew how much that truly meant to me. I still see that whole scenario playing out in my head as if it happened yesterday. Funny how your mind can remember such details no matter how many years ago something happened. Now to be completely honest I have no idea what happened on the actual day after that. I don’t remember if he gave me flowers or even a card. All I remember is he wanted little ol’ me to be his Valentine. Corny? Yes, I know it is, but who isn’t looking for a little corny sometimes? We have been married over ten years now, and I have spent many special February 14th’s with my husband, but it is still that one night, and that one simple question, that made that Valentine’s Day the best ever for me. I am smiling right now as I write this because it is a good memory, and I just can’t help it…it makes me smile. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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