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Do You See Me Now

Okay, so this little article in Whole Living “caught my eye”, and I found it so interesting I thought I would pass it along.

Article: Check for your risk of heart disease in a surprising place today: your eyes. In a recent study of more than 12,000 people, researchers in Denmark found that people who had small yellow bumps on their eyelids, called xanthelasmata, were 48 percent more likely to have a heart attack over the next 30 years. These bumps are made up of cholesterol, so they can indicate problems within your arteries that may not otherwise be visible externally. If you see suspicious signs, talk to your doctor about getting your cholesterol levels tested.

Additional Information: The study consisted of 12,745 individuals, between the ages of 20 and 93, all were free of heart disease. They were followed from 1976 until May 2009 with 100 percent complete follow-up. At the beginning of the study 563 of participants had xanthelasmata and 3,159 had arcus corneae. During the follow-up 1,872 of the participants had a heart attack, 3,699 developed heart disease, 1,498 had a stroke, 1,815 developed cerebrovascular disease and 8,507 died. [Bummer]

The results show that in all age groups for both men and women, the risk of having a heart attack, developing heart disease or dying within a ten year period increased in individuals with xanthelasmata. The results also showed that arcus corneae is not a significant independent risk predictor for heart attack or heart disease.

Well, thank the Lord for that last finding! So now, not only should we ladies check our boobies for lumps and bumps, we need to pay attention to what may appear to be a skin tag around that delicate eye area. Seems it just may be trying to tell us something.


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