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No Rust in Rustic

When I was a teenager I thought everything old was junk. If it wasn’t shiny and new, it was just plain yucky. At that time in my life I was having a love affair with all things modern. Sleek reflective surfaces, clean lines, and futuristic furniture were hip and happening. Oh, and do I dare say I thought chrome was… “the Bomb.” Thankfully, today I have come full circle and I just can’t get enough of all that “old stuff.” By no means could I surround myself with a houseful of antiques, but I now have a much better appreciation for them. Mixing vintage with modern is my favorite look. One of my favorite pieces I have is an old milk can from my Grandparents farm that sits outside the entrance to my master bedroom. It is rusty and scarred, but it is a piece of history and to me it is priceless. Would I ever have it restored? No, I love it just the way it is, but I can understand why people restore items and enjoy experiencing the thrill of taking it back to a showroom appearance.

The History channel airs a handful of shows that I really enjoy, but my favorite has to be AMERICAN RESTORATION.

At Rick’s Restoration, in Las Vegas Nevada, Rick Dale and his crew turn back the hands of time. Customers walk through his door every day with pieces of history, or some oddball item, and are never disappointed coming away with a restored collectible that looks and performs like new. Many times these items are worth more than before, a lot more. I am always amazed at how poor of condition all of these treasures start out. What is even more amazing is how unbelievably like-new they are when fully restored. Take a look at the Coca-Cola cooler and the Barber’s chair below.

Why is it I think a Coke would taste better if it came from this cooler?

Couldn’t you just image Al Capone sitting in a chair like this?

Absolutely amazing transformations, don’t you think?

Now, while I don’t have the need for anything to be restored, or the deep pockets many of his customers have, (this process is very costly) I delight in seeing pieces from bi-gone eras being brought back to life. So, if you love watching the process of taking something old and making it new again, I can honestly say you won’t be disappointed with this show. Oh, and you will have a great appreciation for how much work goes into one of these restorations. I don’t have the patience for the whole process like they do. God love ’em! Well, if you do happen to catch an episode let me know what you think.

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