Tips and Tricks

Cupcake 101

This past weekend I attended my 12 year old niece’s birthday party. Hard to believe she is only one year shy of being a teenager! My do I feel old. Well, while at the party, one of the mommies there told me the best way to eat a cupcake was to make it into a sandwich. Since I gave her my best, “Huh?” look, she then demonstrated the technique, which of course made me want to try it, should I say, a few times. Well, had to make sure I was doing it right! I wouldn’t say there is really any skill involved, but anything worth doing is worth doing well! Anyway, thought you might like to try it out. Oh, and to keep you from wondering what in the world I am talking about just follow the steps below.

Voila! A yummy cupcake sandwich. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t do it right the first time.
Remember there is always room for another cupcake. Wait, or it that JELL-O?

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