Idea to Dye for

I have many memories of dying Easter eggs as a child, sitting at the kitchen table covered in newspaper, making an absolute mess, and loving every minute of it. On Easter Sunday we would go to my Grandparents farm for dinner with the family, and of course, the ever popular egg hunt. My Grandfather would spend a good thirty minutes hiding all the eggs and would then turn us loose, even the adults, to try and find those pretty little hard boiled trophies. Problem was, we never ended up with same number of eggs Grandpa actually hid. It was pretty common to find one or two, okay three eggs, in say….late September. Oh well.

Anyway, for those of you who have ever gone through the egg dying process, you know how difficult it can be to balance an egg on that little wire spoon thingy [that’s the technical name] while trying to immerse your egg into the liquid dye. Oh, there were several fits of anger and frustration over that. In the end I would always resort to diving in after it, thus totally submerging my thumb and index finger, resulting in turning those fingers a lovely shade of green or purple for the next three days. Ugh! Even though my childhood days of egg dying are over, I found this idea that seems to make the process a little less messy. It looks like a fabulous way for kids to enjoy coloring eggs. Since I know several mommies whose little ones are at the right age for this, I thought I should hurry up and pass the idea along. I actually think I am going to give egg dying another try this Easter. After all, I am an adult now and I should be at a point in my life where I am able to color eggs without making a mess, and with no wire spoon thingy, a lot less cursing!

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