Coming up Daisies

Okay, so remember how I mentioned that I am always looking for fun and easy crafts?
Well, look no further because it doesn’t get any easier than this!

NO sewing, NO gluing….I mean c’mon! It’s soooo Totally Bella!
This is the perfect craft, and did I mention I ran out and bought all the stuff to whip one up???
This little idea comes from a blog written by Patty Schaffer entitled “Capture the Details”.
Her “Monday Make It” craft is just adorable and I must share it. I must! I must! I must!
Follow her instructions below and get your craft on! Woo Hoo!

I just love how the little daisies look as though they are sprouting right out of the soft grass. She added a soft pink ribbon to hang hers and a tiny sign. Oh, and she also mentions that she purchased ALL her supplies at Jo-Anns. No need to run from store to store. It’s one stop shopping. What did I tell ya? E-A-S-Y! AND, you only need ONE skein of yarn to wrap and 8-inch ring. If you go bigger, better buy another skein. Anyway, there are several ways to embellish this grass wreath. I have a few ideas myself, and I will post a picture of my wreath as soon as I finish it. Can you believe that I am actually going to post a picture of something I crafted myself? What are the chances right?


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