Blackberry Limeade

A few weeks ago my best friend of 24 years invites me over to her house. Upon arriving I am asked if I would like
to try a new drink recipe she discovered on Pinterest. Why not, I think. It was soooo good!!! Since that day, the
memory of the flavor has been on the tip of my tongue. I finally couldn’t take it anymore, so I ran out to pick up the
whopping two ingredients I don’t keep as staples in the house, and whipped up a pitcher this afternoon. YUM!

If you are looking for something fruity that tastes like summer in a glass, give this a try. The recipe is super simple,
and the worst part is straining out the seeds. That was the only thing that was a little time consuming. Oh, and adjust
the sugar to your taste. The blackberries I had weren’t overly sweet, so I used a little more sugar than what the recipe
called for. I probably shouldn’t admit this but, I have almost finished off the whole pitcher myself!

One thought on “Blackberry Limeade

  1. Ahhhh! Yummy! I should try this! I make the SAME THING…only with Watermelon & Splenda/Truvia (always calorie cutting if I can!) in the summer! Not only is it healthy, refreshing AND delicious…but what a great way to use up the end of the watermelon sitting in your fridge. I love it, the kids love it…SCORE! And of course…nothing wrong with adding a little vodka or tequila after dinner… 😉


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