The Proposal

I’ve known the bride-to-be since she was a little girl. I worked for her family, taking care of her, her younger sister and brother during their middle school and a few of their high school years. I still remember the day she sang to me a version of Peggy Lee’s
“I Enjoy Being a Girl,
” practicing for an upcoming audition in a play. She had a way of adding a sharp trill to the word “girl” at the end of each chorus which I will never forget. Because of her I attended my first ever cotillion, and I saw the most beautiful girl, all dressed in white, escorted by her Father. I remember thinking how lovely she is going to look on her wedding day, and how lucky the man who wins her heart. One Saturday afternoon, this past July, she called to tell me she had gotten engaged the night before. The proposal was romantic. He had taken her out on a boat, just her and him, the captain and the first mate. It was night, there were fireworks [literally] and the stars made the whole experience like a scene from a movie. He had managed to surprise her, which made it all the more special. [Later she would tell me she now realized why her Father had run a background check on her fiancee. Earlier in the year, without her knowing, he had asked her Father for her hand, which had warranted a little sleuthing on her Father’s part, into this young mans background. Have to love how protective Father’s can be of their daughters!] I am so excited for this young couple to start their married life together. She is an amazing, beautiful, strong and smart woman who has kept me in her life for over 25 years. I hope I will have the honor of being in their lives for many more.


10 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. How wonderful, Peggy! I remember how much you love this family and this girl. They are surely like family to you, having put so much of yourself into their lives!! Makes my heart rejoice with you.


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