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Butter it Up

As I was preparing dinner the other night, the recipe called for me to grease the pan.  Without really giving it too much thought, I went to the refrigerator and got out my ziploc bag full of butter wrappers.  I opened one up, placed it butter side down in the dish and smeared what butter was left on the wrapper all over the pan. Then I got to thinking, and I wondered if everyone knew what a neat little trick this was, using butter wrappers to grease dishes and pans for baking. Do you all know this trick? Mom taught me this when I was very young and I wanted nothing more than to help her in the kitchen.  There is a picture, in one of the family photo albums, of her and I in the kitchen. I’m standing on a chair to reach the counter, and I don’t know what we were making, but clearly our fashion sense was a little off.  Both of us were wearing these God awful plaid pants!  Bleh! I think I was about  six years old in that photo, and let me tell you that plaid does not look good from behind, even on a little kid. If I find that picture I will add it to this post. I’m sure whatever you have pictured in your head right now is much more tame than what that photo shows.

But I digress! Butter wrappers, people! These little pieces of waxy paper have the perfect amount of butter left on them for greasing, once the sticks are unwrapped.  Especially if the recipe calls for the butter to be at room temperature ,which is more often than not, and you leave the butter in the wrapper while it’s warming up. This frugal little trick makes buttering pans quick and easy! Did you know you that besides coating that metal cake pan, you can grease measuring cups for easy release of sticky substances like honey? You could use a cooking spray, but sprays can easily escape beyond the boundaries of the targeted area, but butter wrappers are precision applicators baby. Need more convincing?  Okay, well re-using your butter wrappers saves money.  You already purchase butter in stick form right? So, look at it this way….the wrappers are free! Woo Hoo!

So, maybe I am preaching to the choir. Perhaps you all know this little piece of ingenuity. BUT! If one of you reads this post and says, “Hey, I didn’t know that!”, then my mission has been accomplished, my goal will  have been met, and all the time I put into making that dang picture of butter look that good was worth it!


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