Did You Know

Bed Bath & Way Beyond


Okay, are you listening?  Pay close attention because what I am about to tell you is very important. You know those blue Bed Bath & Beyond coupons that arrive in your mailbox on pretty much a weekly basis?  Oh, and those fliers that always have the $5 off $15 or more coupons on the back?  Well, they never expire.  YES!  You heard me….they N-E-V-E-R expire! Oh, I know there are expiration dates on them, but it’s kinda like the “Pirate Code” in that they are more like guidelines. Seriously, no matter how expired these coupons are, they are still good!  I am using coupons from 2009, trying to work my way through those.  You should also know that you can use ONE coupon per ONE item, and up to five coupons in a single transaction.  Meaning if you have five items you are purchasing, you can use one coupon per item.  Crazy, I know!!!

So SAVE THOSE COUPONS, keep a stack in your car, and never pay full price for anything!



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