Cookie Envelopes

For some reason I do so love to plan a party.  It’s all in the details for me, always has been.  In November of 2012 I attended a Tastefully Simple party. It was so much fun, that when the opportunity came to host my own, I jumped at the chance.  Being that this party is entirely based on food, I thought it appropriate to gift a favor of a homemade cookie to attending guests.  Having seen the idea of individual cookie envelopes from Martha Stewart, it seemed like the best way to package an edible favor.

Turns out the idea was a big hit!  As for the cookies….well, let’s just say that once out of their envelopes, they didn’t stand a chance!
Making these up was so much fun for me. I used blank CD sleeves, sticker paper, a printer, and a great cookie recipe. I had seen a  similar label design like the one I created to close the envelopes. I was able to fit 10 labels on one sheet of sticker paper, then cut them out with a straight edge and an Exacto knife.  I folded the labels in half and carefully cut the sticky paper off the front half of the label.  I will tell you that adhering half the tag to an unfilled envelope is much easier than trying to do so once the cookie is in it’s packaging. It’s also easier to place the sticker in the middle of the envelope when it is unfilled. Trust me, I tried  it the hard way the first time. Oh! I should tell you that I did cut a square of freezer paper and placed it inside every CD sleeve between the cookie and the back if the envelope.  I found this kept the sleeve from becoming soiled on the backside from the butter in the cookie. It’s not a necessary step, but it does keep the sleeve nice.  See…it’s all in the details. Geez, I need to get a life!  LOL


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