Hello World

I am proud to say that today, I have become an Aunt for the seventh time!  Baby Ethan was delivered, by c-section, to my sister-in-law this afternoon, and may I add…not a moment too soon.  He is fully “cooked,”  he did make it to his due date.  His mom was very much ready to have him join all of us on the “outside,”  as things were getting a bit uncomfortable for her towards the end. By the time she went in for delivery her tummy had become this very large, perfectly formed, round ball that preceded her everywhere.

I must say that during our visit to the hospital today, I don’t think I have ever seen her so calm.  She did tell me that she was still numb from the shot they gave her, and that at the moment she couldn’t feel her butt!  Who says drugs are a bad thing?

When I asked her if she was going to try for one more baby, she told me “No!”  She and her husband have made a deal,
NO MORE BABIES….and they even shook on it.  LOL

5 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Peggy, you forgot to mention that I was pretty calm due to the fact that you spoiled me with the best foot massage ever! Thank you for being such an amazing, caring, loving sister in law. You’re the best! And, I love love love this post! I think you’re hired for baby announcements if you’d like the job after I do my camera work! Love you! Thank you again for visiting and being such an amazing auntie and sister!!


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