Love & Marriage

You may recall a post from August 25 2012, in which I mentioned a very special young woman who called to inform me of her newly engaged status. Well, I am happy to announce that eight months later, she and her beau were married! I was very fortunate to have been invited to this small intimate wedding, only 12 people including the bride and groom! It was a “destination wedding” for me, as I flew into Chicago for the event. What fun I had being a “big girl” and traveling by myself. LOL The wedding was truly wonderful. I simply adored the fact that everyone was able to interact with the bride and groom the entire time. Catherine looked stunning in her slinky silhouette gown, pearl bracelet and earrings, and let’s not forget those red satin shoes! The bright tulips she carried were a perfect complement, and I must say, I have never seen a bride so happy. Paolo was completely dashing in his J. Crew suit and bow tie. Yes, I did say bow tie! It was awesome!!! What a lovely unexpected twist.

The ceremony was extremely well scripted and officiated by a friend of Paolo’s, whom he has known for over nine years. The story this gentlemen told of this extraordinary couple was the perfect balance of humor and sentiment. At times he had everyone laughing, but there wasn’t a dry eye in the place when they said their vows. They are so perfect together! Just look at them. I believe this is a marriage that will stand the test of time. I am so looking forward to hearing of all the adventures they face together.


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