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World of My Own

I truly am in a “world of my own” most of the time. So, how appropriate to have this song from Disney’s version of Alice in Wonderland pop into my head this morning and just sit there; c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y repeating. The more I hummed the melody, and sang what few words I could remember, the curiouser and curiouser I became to want to learn all the actual words. Needless to say, I now love this little tune, and have just now, today, decided it should be one of my favorite things. Truthfully, everything Alice sings about seems impossible [not impassable], but it all sounds so lovely and silly at same time. Perhaps it is time to sit and watch the movie again. I mean, who doesn’t need to dream with their eyes open every now and then?

I am still humming away to this illogical tune, and even though I wasn’t planning on having a day of doing absolutely nothing,  somehow it just….happened.

Lyrics and music have been provided below. Enjoy!

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