Great Finds

Trash to Treasure

Thrift stores are somewhat of a weakness for me, as I never know what I’ll find. Having had plenty of good luck throughout the years, I delight in roaming up and down the aisles looking for the next great thing I couldn’t possibly live without.  I love a good bargain, and I also love hunting for a hidden treasure.  Well, today I got both when I paid a visit to a local Goodwill store.

M E E T   L I N G U I N I….

….named for the young kitchen worker of a famed restaurant in Paris, from the movie Ratatouille. Loved that movie! Anyway, I found him lying on the very top shelf, but when I took him down to have a better look, sadly he was missing the chalkboard that would have been held by his left hand and tucked into a slit in his upper body. I must admit I was a bit disappointed because he was in such good shape! No chips or missing hands or ears, and his delicate mustache was still in one piece! Feeling defeated, I placed him back on the shelf and continued on to the next few aisles. Now, as luck would have it, as I was perusing down the second aisle, glancing through the overstocked shelves of nick-nacks and what-nots, my eyes fell on a little black chalkboard sitting atop a stack of plates.  Woo Hoo!  I grabbed it, and quickly retraced my steps. Can you believe it fit??? Needless to say I promptly paraded my new treasure to the front of the store to checkout. However, on my way up to the front, a lady stopped me and exclaimed…“Oh, you found his missing chalkboard?” She went on to say that she too had seen him, but since he was missing such a custom piece, she had decided it was a lost cause and moved on. It seems I never would have seen him had he had all his pieces. So, my new kitchen chef stands 20-inches tall from the base of his shoes to the tip of his poofy hat.  The chalkboard was also in great condition, and his sing-song facial expression is just so darn cute. I feel like today was my lucky day, because I have wanted one of these French chefs for such a long time, but have never had any luck finding one I truly liked….until now.

It seems that the old saying of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” is absolutely right.  I do wonder why he was donated, as most things seem to be missing one thing or another, and this guy was in near perfect condition. Well, whatever the reason, I am thrilled he found his way to my house!


2 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure

    1. Thank you! I was so thrilled I was just beside myself. Most of the time there is something wrong with pieces like this, in that any damage they have sustained is unrepairable. With this piece, the only problem I seem to be running into is what should be written on the chalkboard! Hmmmm??


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