King of the Jungle

Well he might be “King of the Jungle,” but it’s not his roar that newly expecting parents will be hearing in about a month!

Two years ago, I blogged about a diaper cake I put together for a baby shower. It was my second creation, and now this one is my third. The theme is “jungle,” and if you know me at all, you know well enough that I don’t always like to be so literal. Oh, there is an animal print in this design, but it is on the back of the tag, and you can see a little bit of it around the hole on the front. The gal I made this for, gave me artistic license and provided me with one stuffed monkey, and one stuffed lion for inspiration. Obviously, the lion won, or he ate the monkey. It hasn’t been determined yet. Anyway, it’s a simple design and made to be a center piece to display at the shower, and then be ripped apart, at a later date, when “doody” calls.  Sorry, the puns just seem to happen when the subject is about poop.

Here are a few more pictures of the finished cake.

I made the crown from a light weight cardboard, painted it gold and lined the inside with animal print paper. See, I told you I was at least a little literal by using a hint of animal print. The hang tag I created using the front of a manilla folder, cutting it to size to fit the design of the cake, and then distressed it using ink. I know I was commissioned to make the diaper cake, but once it was done, it was a little hard to put it in a box for transport and then deliver it. The gal throwing the baby shower was thrilled when she saw it for the first time, but the best part was when she told me… “It really looks like a cake.” Call me crazy, but shouldn’t a “cake” look like a cake? Her comment was the best I could have asked for and in my head I said….mission accomplished.


2 thoughts on “King of the Jungle

    1. Thank you! I have made three cakes, as you know, but they have all been for boys. Can’t wait until I have the chance to make one for a girl!


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