Holiday Cookie Exchange

Before we get any further into 2014 I thought I had better post the last thing that happened in 2013. I finally got to throw a Holiday Cookie Exchange for friends and family! I held three of these parties when we lived in Washington, always having a wonderful turn out. This party was no exception and of the 21 guests invited 17 attended! I even had two guests from out of state make the trip to be here! Many thanks to all who were able to celebrate the holiday. See below how it all started….and ended.




 The party was a big hit and I couldn’t be happier.
By the end of the night though I think we were all tuckered out.

Cookie-Exchange-2013-FA huge THANK-YOU to Alissa Mott for being willing to take all the photos during the party.
T H A N K  Y O U!


8 thoughts on “Holiday Cookie Exchange

  1. What a truly fun time I had. This is a great web presentation. I have time to put everything together at our parties, but never remember to take pictures. Thanks for a fun time.


  2. Wow! What an impressive synopsis of ” Peggy’s Christmas Cookie Party”. Loved the pictures! Thanks Alissa for bringing your camera. You did a great job of capturing the essence of the party. The picture of Bella at the end was priceless. I am forwarding your e-mail to Tina, Peggy. It is very, very ( did I mention very) impressive! Love, Mom


  3. Oh Peggy, I believe you have truly found one of your many callings…Party Planning and Blogging. Your home looked absolutely amazing and the way you set up the tables for the cookie exchange and the buffet table, it was like a professional job. I am glad you learned everything I taught you! It was a wonderful party. Every cookie was better then the next. I am already looking forward to this years event. You truly are the Best of the Best. Love you lots, Chris


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