April Shower

So it’s been said that April showers bring May flowers, but in this case the “flower” set to bloom will be making her debut this July. Yes, a little girl is in the “baking” as I write this. I have known Rachel’s mother Teresa, for many many years, and ever since I found out that Rachel was expecting I began wishing Teresa would ask me to help with the shower. Well, as you can see from below, I got my wish. It all started with the invitation and it took off from there. I was able to participate in many aspects and allowed to contribute some of the details. For me, it was a lot of fun and yet another chance to be creative.


Rachel was absolutely radiant the day of the shower. She literally glowed, and was all smiles and laughter.

The weather cooperated, which allowed guests to mingle inside and out, and the house was a vision of elegance and sophistication. There were flowers from the front courtyard to the back patio, their bright colors adding to the festivities.


However, it wasn’t just the flowers that added to the decor. Weeks before the shower, on one of Teresa’s many walks with her husband, she looked down and saw a piece of fallen palm tree bark and instantly knew it was a garment in the making. I honestly don’t know anyone else who could have had that good of a vision for this item. Amazing!April-Shower-C

Now, since I have developed a new found passion for diaper cakes, I knew exactly what I wanted my gift to be. I gathered things here and there and then let the design evolve into what you see below. I’ve made three diaper cakes, but this was my first one for a little girl. I had a vision for the bottom layer, but the other two layers were a sort of wait and see. I think it took about 5 days to come up with a finished product. None of the diapers giving the cake its shape are visible. That was a bit of a trick, and what I thought was a mistake turned out to be  the perfect solution. Funny how that happens. Anyway, this cake has now become my new favorite. Rachel has told me she has no plans to dismantle this masterpiece, which seems like a waste of all those diapers, but honestly I’m thrilled she loves it that much!


Did I mention how elegant the shower looked and felt? Take a look at how the silverware was presented! The food was soooo good and the dessert table was a work of art. I was asked to create labels for all the edibles and drink selections. Of course I jumped at the chance, so everything from the macaroons to the crudites had a sign. I mean if you are going to label one thing, why not just label them all, right? By the way, does anyone see the label for the Lobster Rolls? YES! There was lobster at the shower. Oh, and I can tell you from experience…it was delicious!


When all the ladies had had their fill, it was time for all to find a seat on the patio and get ready for the opening of gifts. I know there were only about twenty people present, but the gifts clearly outnumbered the guests. There were so many cute things gifted to Rachel. I have no doubt that Baby Addison will be one of the best dressed babies when she is out on the town. I know I would wear that grey dress. Hmmmm, do you think I could get one in my size? LOL


Before everyone left they were prompted to take a favor of a homemade cookie.


Several of the guests commented on how beautiful the shower turned out. Someone even stated that this was the most elegant shower she had ever been to. It really was an absolutely beautiful shower. Teresa and Shannon did an amazing job putting this all together. I am ever so grateful to have been asked to participate.  A huge thank you to my sister-in-law
[Alissa Marie-Photography] who photographed the event. Without her, I wouldn’t have all these great photos!

All my best to the “Mommy-to-be.”
Looking forward to meeting your little girl!


4 thoughts on “April Shower

  1. Thank you for honoring us with this wonderful post … and of course all of the time and talent you invested in the shower. We could not have done it without you! Big hugs.


  2. Wow, what a great post. Loved all the pictures and the enthusiastic captions. This was the ultimate way to share this event with others. You all did a terrific job of coordinating the event and then managing to take the time to share it for posterity. Way to go Peggy!


  3. Peggy, you are simply amazing!! The shower looks incredibly elegant and beautiful. And this presentation is also detailed and lovely. Kudos to you once again!


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