When it Storms

So something you may not know about me, is that I really enjoy British television. My all time favorite show, of course, is Downton Abbey; and if you have never watched this series, well you are missing out. I so enjoy the storyline, the characters, and the lack of sex! Oh, there are times it may be implied, but it’s a “clean” show. It’s so refreshing to not watch the characters hop from one bed to the next just because they can. What a concept…morals! Anyway, getting back to what I wanted to say. There is a show on BBC titled “Call the Midwife.” It’s set in the 1950’s, in London’s very poor East End, and is based on the memoirs of a lady named Jennifer Worth. The plot follows the lives of four midwives and the many duties they preform in their community. Of course, their primary work is to help bring children into the world and then to look after these mothers and their newborns. However, I recently watched an episode in which a patient [a male] gives advice to one of the midwives that I thought to be so profound. He’s telling her to not let the bad in life become your life, but the way it’s said was so eloquent. Now, not that my life has been horrible, it hasn’t by any means. But, there are those times when you cannot deal with what is going on around you. Those are the times you think the world can stop spinning, because you’re done and you’re ready to get off! Ever felt like that?
I think I can safely say we have all been there.

So for anyone who needed a little help in dealing with the trials of life, this is for you.


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