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Dishwasher 101…..Duh!

Would someone  P L E A S E  tell me why men can be so inept when it comes to the simple task of loading the dishwasher??? This is not rocket science people. It’s a dishwasher. You place the dishes on the racks in an ORDERLY fashion, minimizing the gaps, grouping like items together. For those men out there reading this….KEEP THE SAME SHAPES TOGETHER.

Now, I have learned my lesson, over the years, to not yell or scold my husband because it simply does not work. I must be nice and sweet, and simply suggest that perhaps, were he to try a different approach as to where he places the glasses, the end results would be more appealing. Although, I must admit that I lost my cool the other night. I may have yelled and told him to get away from the dishwasher and go back to clearing the table. It is possible that I exclaimed something about the fact that he knew better than to think he could rinse and load the dishes properly. It is also possible that my reaction caused a similar reaction from him in the dirty look I received and any expletives that may have been mumbled in my direction. It is possible.

So, I should not have been surprised today when I received a text message, having the following cartoon attached to it.

His words to me were….. “I believe I’ve successfully reached step five.” Followed by a smiley face.How-to-load-the-dishwasher-1 How-to-load-the-dishwasher-2 how-to-load-the-dishwasher-3 4 How-to-load-the-dishwasher-5


Perhaps I should take this as a nod to him being aware of his ineptitude. Maybe I should consider that his plan all along was to screw this up from the beginning. Do I dare to think that he would seriously want ME to have all the responsibility of loading the dishwasher? Hmmm????

Maybe I should heed the words my Mother told me….. “Pick your battles.

Yes, maybe I should save the big guns for the laundry.


3 thoughts on “Dishwasher 101…..Duh!

  1. You know you have a particular way of doing things! That being said, guys do not get it!!!!!!! After ten years of living in this house, I still have to guess where certain things are after ‘he’ unloads the washer. Really???? He can’t remember where things go?????? I just don’t look in the dishwasher when he’s done it and if I leave it long enough he will eventually unload it. I can live with that!!!!


  2. Sorry Peg, but unfortunately it is not only men. How do you think I have avoided loading/unloading the dishwasher for the last 8 years living with my sister. I even try it with vacuuming, dusting, laundry etc. It works! Just leave the clothes in the washer or dryer long enough and I have someone do it for me! I know, this may only be in my household, but it has worked for me since I was a child and it seems to still work! :O))


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