Interior Style

Comin’ Home

How would you like to come home to a foyer that looks like this? Well, this is exactly
what Birmingham Interior Designer, Dana Wolter comes home to everyday. Her personal residence looks so
warm and inviting. The natural colors and simple design throughout are so appealing, it just feels like “home.”

Sometimes I wish that I had pursued a path in residential interior design. I see these amazing spaces and
think… “Wow! Why am I not a bigger part of this industry.” Then I hear the horror stories from co-workers
and friends about working with difficult clients and that thought just disappears. No matter how I may romanticize the
the interior design world, being published in magazines and sought after by well-known individuals, I realize I like my life
and working behind the scenes on projects. Working with these designers has much less stress than being out in front.

Now, I’ll tell you that I think you’ll be seeing a lot more posts about beautiful interiors. I am getting all excited about moving
into our new home this winter, and have somewhat turned this blog into a library of ideas for myself. Who knows, maybe after
we move I’ll take pictures of my new spaces and have all of you help me pick paint colors. Oooh, there’s an idea.


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